CG-OS-EH-1.3.1 Problem registering

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CG-OS-EH-1.3.1 Problem registering

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Hi, I upgraded my virtual appliance to the latest but kept the previous configuration mac addresses and IP addresses.

I requested a new OTP and completed the registration process, however when applying the config I now get the below error
Registering and appliance and getting S/N (161)
and it fails.

Is it possible that it is conflicting with the previous registration on your end? if so, can you remove that as this is the only appliance I am testing at this point.
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Re: CG-OS-EH-1.3.1 Problem registering

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If your appliance have been already registered you should select "Already Registered" in the Web GUI (menu option [GENERAL] > [Main Settings] > [Registration & Subscription]). This way you restore its associated unique S/N.

Best Regards,
David Janeway
CacheGuard Technical Team
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