Configuration URL Guarding issue in CacheGuard

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Configuration URL Guarding issue in CacheGuard

Post by gbathija » 07 Jul 2016 02:48

Hi Team,

We have installed Cache Guard Server in our environment and it is doing
pretty good work to Block the HTTP requests. But it is not blocking any
kind HTTPS requests & we are able to access every Https secured website.
One more thing to add on this that the the way it is blocking the Http
requests its blocking all type of HTTP request & we are not able to allow a
particular Http website.

Also we are trying to do URL based blocking and i am not able to found any
kind of configuration parameter in the documentation which explains the URL
based blocking.

Kindly help us in providing a good configuration document so that we can
configure it in a good manner to block requests based on HTTP, HTTPs & URL
based block as per my environment.

Thanks & regards,
Gourav Bathija

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Re: Configuration URL Guarding issue in CacheGuard

Post by david » 07 Jul 2016 07:47

Hi Gourav

I assume than you intend to block some categories of URLs with the guarding module (mode guard) for a group of end-users. Could you confirm please?

Also did you implement CG in transparent mode or you use it as an explicit Web proxy? Please learn more on this topic at

In order to help you more I need to have the output of the following commands:

Code: Select all

mode guard
mode transparent
mode sslmediate
sslmediate transparent
guard policy
guard rule
An easy way to obtain that is to connect to your CG using an SSH client to have the output of those commands in a terminal so can copy/paste the results. Of course to remotely access to your CG using SSH the SSH administration mode should be activated. If it's not yet activated use the following commands to activate it:

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admin ssh on
Therefore you can connect to your CG using the following command from a unix system: ssh admin@<cg-internal-ip-address>).

I look forward to having your feedback.

Best Regards
David Jan
CacheGuard Technical Team

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