WAF deployment options

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WAF deployment options

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Hi all.

Im new to the CacheGuard appliance.

Unfortunately I couldn't find any info regarding WAF deployment methods in the CacheGuard. I would be glad if somebody tell me about it.

As an example, the WAF deployment options in popular brands like F5 && Barracuda is as follows:
A) Routed mode
B) layer 2 bridging mode ==> it does not require any IP address change in the network topology.
C) Reverse proxy mode

Thanks in advance
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Re: WAF deployment options

Post by david »


Thank you for you post.

With CG the WAF works in reverse (proxy) mode only. To deploy the WAF you should first cloak your websites behind CG. To do so please read the following section of the User's Guide: http://www.cacheguard.net/doc/guide/reverse_mode.html.

Then you can begin configuring the WAF. The following section of the User's Guide explains how to configure the WAF: http://www.cacheguard.net/doc/guide/waf.html.

FYI the User's Guide is based on the CLI but you can do everything using the Web GUI. To configure reverse websites and the WAF use to the following menu options of the Web GUI:
- [GENERAL] > [Main Settings] > [Main Features]
- [GENERAL] > [Reverse Websites] > [Websites Configuration]
- [SECURITY] > [Content Filtering]

Best Regards,
David Janeway
CacheGuard Technical Team
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